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History of Payday Loans in Canada 

The evolution of instant payday loans in Canada.

The lending money loans for little period of time in Canada has emerged a long before. Though the popularity of crowd lending with exclusive stores became famous in the middle of 90’s and it was well known with the name of “cheque cashing loans”. From that time till present these types of payday loans for few days are employed by many people with the availability of fastest and easiest loans in a short period of time. The diagram below shows the trend of this service from 1996 to 2011.

Payday loans market trend in Canada

In a last decade the payday loans for few days has increased dramatically with the respect of several factors. The foremost reason of this growth is due to the increase of such payday stores in Canada and intensive marketing of this service. In past ten years, the growth of internet made big contribution in the development of many businesses, including payday loans. The last factor is the consequence of bad credit history of many Canadians and the only choice to borrow money was this payday loan option. The major users of payday loans are considered to be females. You can see from the graph that from 1996 to 201 the payday loans were increasing in a big deal and the major contribution was done by women.

Female-male payday loan trend

In the mid nineties the number of such stores were over 20 organizations and Canada Treasury estimated that the number of payday loan businesses have increased more than twofold in 700 spots of Canada. The Canada Treasury estimates that in ten years future the trend of new payday organizations would augment to 600%. You can see from the diagramm that the trend increased dramatically at times of global recession starting from 2007 to 2011.

Number of cash advance companies

The payday loan service is flourishing as of the clients have become more aware of the fact that for comfort you need to have higher costs of risks.

As of 1998, the internet employment with payday loans commenced that enabled to target bigger markets in the industry. Since then the lenders do not have geographical limitations or restrictions. Customers can be gained from any country of the world via internet. In order to get better point of view of payday loan business it is strongly recommended knowing the history of the industry.

Payday loan users in Canada

The users of the internet consist of mainly by younger generations such students. The internet employment by payday loans has increased the influence on the young generations.

Max APR offered by payday loans service

As of 2005, payday loan businesses in Canada applied the service that assisted clients to obtain money at such periods when their salaries were deficient with their monthly expenditures. Moreover the service presents several hundred dollar loans, as of clients do no have any advantage of paying the bill later than stated time.

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