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Infographic: My First Payday Loan

first payday loan
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We know that application for first payday loan is disturbing. So that’s why we created this infographic – “My First Payday Loan”.
infographic - my first payday loan

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We know that getting payday loan first time is very delicate procedure. We know that you can have a lot of questions. First of all – don’t worry. Application procedure is quick, easy and very secure. There is no reason for concern. Just follow the instructions. Everything will be OK!

Everyone in your life is faced with a situation when we urgently needed money, and you don’t want to get from friends and relatives. To issue consumer credit no desire or simply do not have time for registration? You can make out a loan to pay online or at the office. My first loan obtained to pay two years ago and still use this service.

The problem may be dividing into two phases. Stage 1 is the test, 2 the process of obtaining and both consist of four steps. First credit conditions that nationality; you should be a Canadian citizen. The second condition is your age. Canada government is prohibited to lend to citizen under the age of eighteen years. The third condition – so you should have an account in Canadian bank. Fourth, it refers to the return of the loan. To repay it you should have a job and your work experience in this position for at least 3 months.

You can receive loan online immediately. To do this, you must fill out a form on this site. Then the manager to send you offers. After choosing lender, you will get your money to your bank account. From that day there will be only one step – enjoy your loan, spend money, wait payday and repay the loan automatically.
Now you know how it is made.

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