So, cash advance or payday loan, what is it? These two mean the same in fact. Both are loans for short term and no-collateral, both serve as a helping hand until your next due payday. What if my credit history is rather poor? It doesn’t really matter, you can still be approved. Even people with poor credits can qualify for such type of a loan. Is any fax paperwork needed? No, fortunately almost in all the cases getting the loan is faxless. The cases when borrower asks for some additional information by fax are quite rare. What amount of money one can borrow? It depends, somewhat from 100 dollars up to 1,000 dollars. What about application, is there any fee? As a rule there is no application fee charged in Canada. But, keep in mind – make sure that you are fully acknowledged with all the fees prior to making agreement with a borrower! How is the money refunded? The loan amount and fees charged will be taken by your bank from your next payday. Can the loan be extended? No, it can’t be extended, it’s prohibited. The whole sum should be refunded on a due day. How I will be informed about my approval? They will send you a notification letter on the e-mail address you provide. Should I inform the staff as to the goals of a loan? No, you shouldn’t. It’s only up to you how to use the funds you get. Is it obligatory to take the loan as soon as I filled out the application? No, it’s not obligatory. In the case you change your mind – just withdraw the form by means of not agreeing to the offer. What is the way it works? To get acquainted with the whole process, please follow this. If one of your questions does not listed here or you still have any questions please ask our experts for free! You will get answer in short time to your email.