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Life is full of unexpected situations. To solve it you may need a financial support, sometimes urgently. When your budget is already laid out and the next salary will not come soon, all that remains for you is to cut your budget by sacrificing important points from it or to apply to credit institutions in your city. Increasingly popular in recent years become payday loans and cash advances. This is a very convenient way to get a small but a necessary sum of money in a short period of time. Thus you will be able to repay the debt from the next paycheck.

Payday Loans in Montreal

You’re always on the go, and that’s alright. When you need to purchase something at the last minute or have a quick expense come up but don’t want to add it onto your credit card account until later, an instant payday loan can be just what you’ve been looking for! You’ll avoid long wait times at banks without personal loans because all of our paperwork is done electronically so there are no visits required either.

Instant payday loans are a great way to avoid the hassle of waiting for approval from your bank and an even longer wait time. These instant loans provide you with funds on demand in Montreal so that you can pay off bills before they accumulate late payment fees or affect your credit rating.

Who is Eligible?

canadian man
Canadian Resident
18+ years of Age
Has a Bank Account
Proof of Income

Payday Loan Advantage in Montreal

We have identified several significant advantages of payday loans and cash advances in Montreal:

  1. Prompt resolution of your financial problem. A situation in which you need urgent money can arise in a matter of minutes, while requiring a rapid response.
  2. A simplified procedure for processing the payday loans and cash advances. Today, you can get quick cash without going to a physical lender. All registration can take place online.
  3. A good alternative to bank loans if your credit history is not as good as you would like.
  4. You should not have any amount of money on your bank account to pay the interest initially.

Quick Online Payday Loans in Montreal

Montreal is a great city, but it’s not the most affordable place to live. When you’re struggling financially and need some fast cash, payday loans are one of your best options. However, many people find that they don’t have enough time during their workday to apply for payday loans on their own.

Applying for a loan in Montreal has never been easier with quick approvals available from our lenders who offer these types of short-term financing options. 

  • Fill out an application today, 
  • Go through an easy automated process where your Income levels will be verified (thanks again to advances in technology).
  • Get it funded if you choose same-day funding!

You can borrow up to $1,000 by completing a loan application and get an quick decision on your loan. This means that you will find out if and how much you were approved for right away – it’s the fastest way to know! If you’re approved, our lenders will send the funds via e-Transfer so that they arrive within hours of being accepted; all while ensuring confidentiality with no impact on credit agencies or monthly obligations. Ease is just at your fingertips when we offer quick access loans.


  • Paperless
  • No Hidden Fees*
  • E-Transfer of Approved Funds
  • Fully Automated Application System
  • Apply 24 Hours a Day
Why Crediteck?

*We will never charge you fees for our service or ask you to pay upfront fees to be considered for a loan.

Traditional Lenders

  • A Lot of Paperwork
  • Hidden Fees
  • Traditional Bank Transfer
  • Review and approval may take time
  • Limited Availability

We also Offer Payday Loans for residents of Quebec (Montreal, Gatineau, Laval, Longueuil, Levis, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres, Saguenay)