Rates and Fees

Consumers are as a rule not charged by site for providing them the service of matching, so the online registering is 100% free.

The lender should obligatory provide you the exact info as to the whole sum of the loan they can offer, as well as all the details of refunding terms and their fee structure. Prior to signing any documentation concerning the loan get through all the info of your deal and make sure all the terms are 100% understandable for you. The lender is obligated to disclose to you all the information along with the special terms of your deal. In case you fail to understand exactly some items or do not fully agree with the terms – don’t hesitate to stop your deal and withdraw your application.

Max rates for payday loan

Payday loan rates is regulated by Canadian laws and can be different for each province. List of the maximum rates:

This is regular rates for new clients. For repeat borrowers APR is less.
For more information about payday advance regulations please read this blog post.

How the fees are paid

The loan sum usually contains the fees and the interests. On a due day of refunding the stated amount is deducted automatically by the lender from account. The sum of interest and fees vary and depend on the total length of your cash advance and the sum borrowed.

Overdue the loan

If it happens you fail to refund on a stated date, the lender is in force to charge so called late fees or send your account to a special collection agency (which is highly undesirable as it will quite negatively affect the credit history). Also they can offer to renew the loan, to extend or to refinance it, which may result in some additional interests and fees.