When you are in dire need for financial assistance, a loan is usually the most accessible solution that is available. Unfortunately for people who have made bad financial decisions in the past, traditional lenders tend to base their lending decisions on credit history. Bad credit scores will disqualify these for further loans. However, online credit companies that offer unsecured and fast loans online are available and can be your option if you need to get your hands on cash real fast. The steps are quite straightforward. First, you search online for “fast loan”. These searches will lead you to several sites that offer various financial services to online users. Most likely, you will be asked to fill up an application form. Aside from your personal information, you might also be asked to provide your social security number by those that intend to check your credit history. A lot of these online lenders do not really care much about your credit history. The online lenders will usually ask for your checking account or your credit card number. This is used for two purposes. One is to verify your identification and to ensure that you are a real person and not an invented online persona. Secondly, this is where the loan proceeds will be wired once the application approved. In providing information such as the ones mentioned above, you need to take extra care. While most of the online lenders run a legitimate operation, some sites might just be skimming for information and could use them for fraudulent purposes. One way of making sure that you are dealing with a trusted site is to deal only with sites that have “https” before the web address. After the loan application phase, it usually takes less than a day for a customer service representative to respond, either via email or a phone call. Additional information might be asked and you might be requested to fax a copy of your pay slip and the signed promissory note to the lender. In less than 48 hours from the time you file your application, you will get a notification on whether your loan has been approved or not. Fast online loans are often easy to obtain but lenders do require borrowers to go through a standard process. There are pros and cons to these loans depending on your personal financial circumstances. For instance, the loan interest on these loans may range from 5% to 10% per month. If you are taking out a loan for a business transaction that will give you more than 10% in profit, then the interest rate will not be a big issue. Someone who is borrowing money for a car repair emergency, however, will consider the 10% interest rate quite a bit of a burden. Carefully evaluate your needs and circumstances so that you can look for the perfect loan for you.