4 Steps to Move Out of Your Parents’ House

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Given the ongoing cost-of-living crisis in Canada and around the world, it’s tougher than ever for young adults to strike out on their own. In metropolitan centres like Toronto and Vancouver, the situation is even more dire. If you’re planning to rent an apartment of your own, we have a step-by-step plan for how you can pull that off. The move might actually be easier than you think!

Step 1: Determine Your Budget

If you have no income, it will be impossible to move out. Once you get the job you desire, you will solve the income problem. That will be your starting point for determining your budget.

Your budget will depend on your monthly income, whether you’re paying off any student loans, whether you have a car payment, and any other preexisting expenses and debts. Once you’re living on your own, your expenses will include rent, utilities such as hydro, water, and heat, groceries, gas if you drive, car insurance payments if you have a car, dining out, public transit, and more. Take all of these into account as you make your budget. Aim to have some money left over each month after paying for all of your reasonable wants and needs. Saving money is difficult, especially at the beginning of your professional journey, but it should be top of mind as you climb the career ladder.

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It’s worth mentioning another caveat. If you’ve just started a new job and are applying for your first apartment, you may run into some potential difficulties. For example, many landlords require paystubs, and you may not even have paystubs yet, given that you’ve just started in your position. Consider obtaining at least two or three paystubs before you apply for an apartment. Some landlords will require an employment letter or a job offer letter in addition to paystubs to confirm that you have stable employment and will be able to pay the rent. Provide all the supporting documentation as required.

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Step 2: Apply for Your Dream Apartment

It is important to note that landlords often have strict criteria by which they select an applicant.

Moreover, the competition for apartments in highly desirable areas may be even tougher.

Accordingly, it is important to make sure that you have all the necessary supporting documentation and that you fill out your application correctly and apply in a timely manner.

When deciding whether to accept or reject an application, a landlord is likely to consider the following criteria:

  • Your income
  • Your credit score
  • Landlord references – if you lack a rental history, that might present an issue for some landlords
  • Whether you smoke or have a pet

Perhaps the main concern is whether you will be able to pay the rent on time. Your income will give a strong indication as to whether you’re able to meet the monthly expenses associated with renting the apartment while your credit history will indicate how reliable you are at making payments fully and on time.

Step 3: Wait for a Response

Applying for an apartment can be nerve-wracking! Trust us, we’ve been there! There’s always a chance the landlord will say no. The last thing you want is to get a call denying your application.

Therefore, it’s important to prepare as much as possible and identify any weak points in your application.

For example, if you’re relocating for a new job, make that clear from the outset. In this way, there are no questions as to why you’ve only been at your current job for a couple of months or only have a few paystubs. Bolster your case by showing your consistent employment history at previous jobs, if any. If you do have an unstable employment history, that, of course, will present more of a challenge when you make your application.

Step 4: Move In!

Congratulations! Your application got approved. It’s time to move into your new apartment.

This is the day you’ve been waiting for. All you have to do now is show up, sign the lease agreement, and pick up your keys! Of course, it’s not quite as easy as that. On the first day, you will likely have to pay the first month’s rent and any applicable fees as well as unpacking your belongings and assembling your furniture.

Pro tip: set up your utilities before you move in. It’s just a matter of making some calls, and it’ll save you some headaches down the road!

Settling into your new apartment and discovering the new area – that is the sweet part of the process. Once you’re done moving in, your new life can begin – without further delay.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the four steps to moving out of your parents’ house. Applying for apartments can be highly stressful, especially when you’re not sure of the outcome. Keep trying! Eventually, you will get the apartment of your dreams. In the meantime, follow the above steps, make a budget, apply for the apartment you desire, and keep your fingers crossed. You may begin your new life sooner than you think!

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